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Our roads have a certain reputation apparently ;) While we definitely recommend renting a car to explore during your stay, we also recommend pre-arranging a private taxi driver to whisk you off to your villa. There are no end of unforseen travel delays these days and it's a lot less stressful to hop in a taxi that knows exactly where to take you, and then just jump out at the other end to a fully stocked fridge (if you've provisioned online) and perhaps enjoy the sunset from your pool, or a starlit cocktail from your porch or deck.  

We have a couple of excellent taxi drivers to reserve for you if you like this idea. Taxis are readily available at the ferry terminals and airport BUT many of them are large vans with no 4WD, and they may not be able (or want) to get you all the way to your villa. All taxis charge the same government rates, see here).

Tortola may be small but there's plenty to see, the beaches all offer their own charms and the local cuisine and cocktails need to be sampled! 4WD is a must - the roads here are "fun"!  NOTE: Tortola is very hilly so we do have steep hills with sharp switchbacks, then there's also the state of the roads...most have been fixed up pretty well since Irma but part of the charm of Belmont and Smugglers Cove and some other more remote beaches, is the "rugged" terrain...they are dirt roads for the most part with more than a few pot-holes.     

We recommend Jerrys Car Rental His rates are competitive and include tax and insurance and the 7th day is free! He'll deliver the car to the airport, ferry or your property in the West End area (as well as Cane Garden and Brewers Bay). If you'd like a quote just let me know which model. Then you'll complete some paperwork online and only pay when you receive the vehicle.