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Going grocery shopping isn't really the first thing you want to do on your holiday! Wouldn't you rather relax by the pool with a cold drink? 

Everyone's stepped up their game with their online services, arriving to a fridge full of groceries (and cocktails) is just a few clicks away. 

Please use the details below to place any order. 
contact:         Samantha Pierce
contact #:      284-542-7872
time:             11am (deliveries run on "island time" like everything else)
address:         check your invoice


Riteway (Road Town, on the dual carriageway by Delta Gas Station) Large grocery store, selection of groceries and liquor. Delivery fee: 10% of order. 
One Mart (Road Town, on the dual carriageway) Large grocery store also stocking a good selection of organic and specialty packaged foods like gluten free, Tesco (for you Anglophiles!) etc. Option to create your own shopping list. Free delivery.
Bobbys Supermarket (Road Town, off the main roundabout behind Vanterpool pharmacy) large grocery store with varied selection of organic and specialty packaged foods, gluten free etc. 
Steakation (Road Town, almost opposite ferry terminal) Fresh meat and seafood.
Caribbean Cellars Great selection of wines, liquors and beverages in general. 
French Deli  (just off the dual-carriageway in the middle of Road Town, near the Moorings) mouth-watering delicacies (anyone love almond croissants?) and gourmet deli. 
Italian Wine Food Caribbean (Pockwood Pond, West End) great selection of wine and Italian staples and delicacies.  
Natures Way (Road Town, off the main roundabout opposite Eureka medical centre) health store with a vegan take-out counter and wide selection of health store items 

If you're interested in eating healthfully then call one of my lovely friends... Sam at Tidal Roots Farm BVI (cell & whatsapp 284-343-2876) or Fede and Aragorn at Good Moon Farm for locally grown organic food. We're lucky to have access to such awesome fresh produce. Check out the schedule for the monthly Farmers and Fishermans Market in Road Town.  

C&D Supermarket is located in West End and is just a 1 minute detour on the way to most of our properties...if you just want to stop for a few basics when you arrive, it's a pretty well-stocked convenience store open 7.30am - 8.30pm 7 days/week (not much in the way of fruits/veggies). 

Harbour Market is located at Soper's Hole marina in West End and is a well-stocked branch of Riteway. It's much smaller than Riteway in Road Town but has 2 floors and has most items you need.    

If you require personalized assistance with your provisioning needs or any other services i can recommend 

When you're staying in such idyllic surroundings, why not indulge in a chef for a special occasion? Here's a great selection of chefs and services to choose from:  
Elke Talbot ( or 1-284-341-4022) 
Kenneth Molyneaux  (also owns Tropical Fusion restaurant in Long Bay)
Donna Arter ( or 1-284-345-3195)
Shyril Smith ( or 1-284-543-1161)  
Lemongrass Catering    ( or 1-284-499-4155)                     

There are many to choose from, here are the best. It's a good idea to call ahead to make reservations during the winter. Also check out the Limin Times and Welcome magazine for special events during the upcoming week.

Carrot Bay, West End:
Bananakeet Cafe                                      tel 284-499-1300   
Relaxed setting, GREAT food and AMAZING views, get there before sunset and do make reservations - this is no longer a well-kept secret! This one definitely deserves a visit.         
Da Coal Pot                                              tel 495-4998 or 545-6510 or 443-1126
Casual atmosphere and great food on the oceanfront. Extensive varied menu cooked by the fabulous Evelyn. Favourites: Rotis, conch in butter sauce, coconut shrimp, fresh fish sticks, good spot for fresh fish also.

Apple Bay, West End:
The Sugar Mill                                          tel 284-344-8612
Fine dining in a pretty setting at this boutique hotel, do call ahead to reserve a very special evening. 

Tramonti  (The Sugar Mill beach-front restaurant)   tel 284-344-8612            
The Sugar Mill's beautiful beachfront restaurant                                                            

Sebastians on the Beach                         tel 284-495-4212
Relaxed beachfront dining. Great food from the new Italian chef, Christian. The fun spot to get together with the surfers out front when there's a swell or check out their themed music, taco pizza Tuesdays, Bingo, Karaoke, salsa night etc. 

Long Bay, West End:
Tropical Fusion                                                tel 284-346-3551
Beachfront restaurant owned by local chef Kenneth Molyneaux. Kenneth is also available for private catering.

1748, Long Bay Resort                                    tel 284-345-1093
New in 2021, and the instagram spot of the moment. Beautiful beachfront setting. Plus Coffee shop. Do make reservations, limited seating.                                                                                   

Sopers Hole, West End:
Omar's Fusion                                               tel 284-495-8015                                     
Awesome fresh breakfasts and coffee with wifi, located on the dock.                     
Pussers Landing                                              tel 284-344-5378
Open under "renovation" conditions for relaxed dining - great for kids, right on the dock. Pizzas, burgers, conch fritters, nachos, fresh fish etc. *currently renovating Nov'21

Nanny Cay
Captain Mulligans                       tel 284-494-0602
Open air Sports Bar with great family atmosphere and climbing frames and soccer area etc. for kids. Burgers, pizzas etc 

BBQ, Burgers, pizzas and more at this fun location next to the beach and marina, always a fun, lively atmosphere.                                     
Road Town
Lady Sarah's Farms                    tel 284-496-8011
Amazing lady with an amazing story and an amazing restaurant - farm fresh, locally grown ingredients - a hidden treasure in Road Town open for breakfast and lunch  
French Deli                                  tel 284-494-2195
Delicious pastries, breads and gourmet ingredients. Great to stop for a sandwich or to provision for higher end delicacies. Conveniently located opposite Tico wine merchants

Cane Garden Bay Beach
Myetts                                                  tel 284-495-9649
There's always something fun happening at Myett's, with live music in season and many specials. Right on the beach, it is open 7 days/week, so come anytime for a cool cocktail and more! 

Paradise Club                                         tel 284-345-2541                                            On-the-beach dining and partying. A popular full moon party and new late night spot

Quitos Gazebo 
Go for dinner and live reggae played by Quito himself. Lunch, dinner and drinks served at the bayside beach bar and inside restaurant  

Newest hotspot on the beach in Cane Garden Bay, owned by Val and Kareem Rhymer of Myetts.

East of Road Town 
Brandywine Estate Restaurant    
Fine Dining. Beautiful setting and great breezes.