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We are "Team Pierce"! JC has been here for 30+ years, he came here to surf and didn't want to leave! And I am Sam (Samantha) and I moved here 19 years ago to teach, met JC and fell in love and then I didn't want to leave either! We have 2 children, Lily is 18 and Noah is 16 - many of our repeat guests have met them hanging out at the beach and watched them growing up over the years. 

For 18+ years we have been in property / project management on Tortola, concentrating on delivering quality management and service to both the owner and guest. We started out with JC managing just one villa and as owners started approaching us I joined in. As more and more villas came our way we now have an extended family...Sharlene and PattyAnn. We would be lost without them...they race around all day long greeting guests and doing SOOOO much more behind the scenes, to ensure that everyone is having an awesome time! JC is driving around a lot of the time making sure things run smoothly and I get to sit at the computer doing the paperwork (sob sob!). 

We work double-time so that you can enjoy "island time"! (but don't be surprised to see us at Apple Bay when the surf's up!)  

Let us help to plan your perfect holiday here in the beautiful British Virgin Islands. 

JC, Sam, Lily, Noah, Sharlene & PattyAnn x